Molecular Imaging Lab - Chapelin Lab


Logan Brown receives Dean's tuition scholarship

Logan was selected to receive the Dean's tuition scholarship two semesters in a row to continue support for his research on "MR imaging of tumor associated macrophage changes with therapy" which is also supported by an American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant. Congrats Logan!


Fanny Chapelin selected as Early Career Reviewer for NIH

Fanny Chapelin was selected as an Early Career Reviewer for the Enabling Bioanalytical and Imaging Technologies study section in October 2022.


Khurana et al. study published in Nature Scientific Reports

Congratulations to Khurana and team for acceptance of their manuscript entitled "Cell sorting microbeads as novel contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging" which was just accepted for publication in Nature Scientific Reports! Link to be posted shortly.


Songyue to present at ISMRM Molecular and Cellular Imaging Study Group Virtual Meeting

Songyue will be presenting his research entitled "Magnetic cell separation beads as new contrast agent for T cell labeling for MRI applications" at the upcoming ISMRM Molecular and Cellular Imaging Study Group Virtual Meeting on October 18. Congratulations Songyue!


Fanny Chapelin Named 2021 Scialog Fellow

Chapelin is among 55 promising early-career scientists that were selected to participate in this year’s prestigious Research Corporation for Science Advancement program.


Drs. Khurana and Chapelin Win Early-Career Research Award at SRU 2020

Dr. Aman Khurana, assistant professor of radiology and joint faculty member, and Dr. Fanny Chapelin, research assistant professor--both in the F. Joseph Halcomb III, M.D. Department of Biomedical Engineering--saw their original work on Ultrasound Liver Imaging Reporting And Data System (US LI-RADS) awarded third place for early-career research award at "Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound" (SRU) 2020. Their award-winning research was reviewed among several national and international submissions to the annual conference.

Drs. Khurana and Chapelin's work is titled “Interobserver agreement between primary scanning sonographers and secondary over-readers for surveillance liver ultrasounds using US LI-RADS." The first author of the award-winning paper (Dr. Khurana) will be expected to present the findings to the SRU Fellows in a special mentorship session on the first day of the meeting.


Lara Larson receives Summer Research Scholarship

Lara Larson was selected  to receive a Summer Research Scholarship amongst numerous undergraduate students at University of Kentucky to continue her research training in Dr. Chapelin's lab over the summer. 

Congratulations Lara!


Fanny Chapelin Has Proposal Selected by CCTS

Research assistant professor Fanny Chapelin’s proposal titled “MR imaging of tumor associated macrophage changes with therapy” has been selected by the University of Kentucky Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) for the Small Grants program award. For this work, Chapelin is collaborating with assistant professor Aman Khurana from the UK School of Medicine Radiology Department. The CCTS Small Grants Program will support their efforts to gather crucial preliminary data for the successful application of larger grants to NIH and foundations. Using these funds, Chapelin will develop magnetic resonance (MR) imaging methods to image tumor-associated macrophages in head and neck cancer with the outlook of translation to clinical protocols. If successful, the imaging techniques developed could impact patient care at the UK Markey Cancer Center, the only National Cancer Institute-designated center in the entire state of Kentucky.