Molecular Imaging Lab - Chapelin Lab

Dr. Chapelin’s lab develops non-invasive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) methods to track immune cell migration to foci of inflammation in different pathologies such as transplant rejection, autoimmune diseases and cancer. Specific areas of interest include:

  • Imaging of cell therapy distribution, fate, and efficacy in preclinical studies
  • Imaging of inflammation processes in tumors and transplants
  • Stem cell transplant engraftment and rejection imaging



Logan Brown receives Dean's tuition scholarship

Logan was selected to receive the Dean's tuition scholarship two semesters in a row to continue support for his research on "MR imaging of tumor associated macrophage changes with therapy" which is also supported by an American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant. Congrats Logan!

Fanny Chapelin selected as Early Career Reviewer for NIH

Fanny Chapelin was selected as an Early Career Reviewer for the Enabling Bioanalytical and Imaging Technologies study section in October 2022.